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Computer Geeks at Your Doorstep! Quick and easy SOLVE ALL YOUR COMPUTER PROBLEMS.

Whether you are simply trying to add more memory to your laptop or need to secure a large enterprise network - we are always on top of things.

Our industry certified professionals provide the following services REMOTELY or at your HOME or OFFICE at an unparalleled low cost:

  • Installation of Desktops, Laptops and Servers
  • Upgrade, troubleshoot and repair all kind of computers
  • Remove Viruses, Pop-ups and Spyware
  • Help you to install and configure wireless and wired networks, setup DSL or Cable internet connection, T1, network cabling
  • Provide excellent solutions for Backup and Recovery
  • Perform restoration of lost data on hard drives
  • Install various printers, scanners and other peripherals
  • Perform Server and network administration, network design, security and diagnostics
  • Design and installation of web-cam surveillance systems
  • Help with system moves, home theater setups and much more...

We service on WEEKDAYS and WEEKENDS, MORNINGS and EVENINGS! - call us ANYTIME at 847-372-1264 and forget about your computer problems.

We serve Chicago, North and Northwest Suburbs.